The Challenge of Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a debilitating condition affecting approximately 10 percent of women of reproductive age worldwide.

It is characterized by the growth of tissue similar to the uterine lining on other pelvic organs, leading to excruciating pain, depression, anxiety, and even infertility.

Traditional treatments have been limited to hormonal therapies and surgery, offering only temporary relief.


Enter Cryoablation: A Game-Changer

In a recent study, the medical community witnessed a remarkable shift in the treatment landscape for endometriosis.

Researchers utilized IceCure Medical’s cryoablation system, which employs extremely cold liquid nitrogen to destroy abnormal tissue. The results were nothing short of astonishing.

A cohort of 42 women with endometriosis became pioneers in this transformative journey.

The cryoablation procedure, powered by liquid nitrogen, was conducted at physicians’ offices without the need for hospitalization.

Unlike previous methods that used a mixture of argon and helium gasses, the use of liquid nitrogen proved more cost-effective and time-efficient.


The Impact on Patients

What truly sets this study apart is the relief it provided to the patients.

The majority—93.75%—reported experiencing significantly less pain just six months after the procedure.

Even more impressively, 82.72% percent remained pain-free for up to three years.

More importantly, this innovative approach significantly reduces the need for secondary surgeries. It was found to be 92.8% effective per patient at avoiding the need for additional invasive procedures.


The Future of Endometriosis Treatment

CalOx, as a reliable supplier of liquid nitrogen, is proud to be part of this transformative journey.

The use of liquid nitrogen in cryoablation is not only more efficient but also holds promise for other medical applications.

As the study’s findings continue to gain recognition, it offers hope to countless women who have longed for a minimally invasive solution to their endometriosis-related suffering.


A Brighter Future

The use of cryoablation technology, fueled by liquid nitrogen, is changing the way we approach endometriosis treatment.

CalOx stands committed to supporting medical advancements that improve patients’ lives.

As the study’s success echoes in the medical community, we look forward to a future where endometriosis becomes more manageable and less debilitating.

For more information on our liquid nitrogen supply services or to explore how CalOx can be a part of your innovative medical solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Together, we can usher in a brighter and pain-free future for endometriosis patients.