We specialize in bringing medical- and food-grade gases to businesses in the Los Angeles area. We’ve been providing gas delivery services since 1936, and we’ve earned the trust of hundreds of businesses that depend on our gas products every day.


From routine care to life-saving emergency services, medical-grade oxygen is an essential gas for medical offices, surgery centers, veterinary clinics and EMTs across our region.

Liquid Nitrogen

From specialty food services to cryogenic laboratories, medical offices and more, liquid nitrogen delivers unmatched quick-freezing and cooling powers.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is a popular anesthetic and analgesic. Dental, medical and veterinary providers depend on nitrous oxide to calm their patients during anxiety-producing procedures.

Carbon Dioxide

Whether it’s carbonating beverages, powering dermatological or dental lasers, or assisting in advanced laser-powered surgical procedures, CO2 gas plays a critical role in businesses throughout Los Angeles.

Compressed Medical Air

Compressed medical-grade air is essential to powering anesthesia delivery in both humans and animals.

Gases for Your Business

Feeling ignored by your current gas provider? We’ll do better. We specialize in providing medical- and food-grade gases for small and medium-sized businesses in Southern California. That means we know what you need, and you can expect over-the-top customer service every time you pick up the phone, send an email or welcome a delivery.

Medical Offices


Veterinary Clinics

Surgery Centers

Emergency Services

Gourmet Food & Drink

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