We Bring Medical-Grade Gases to Businesses in the Los Angeles Area

We Specialize in Gases for Your Business

Our company is built to deliver medical-grade gases to businesses like yours. Small and medium-sized businesses may be an afterthought for our competitors, but for us, you’re at the core of what we do.

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Medical Offices

Be prepared for routine care and unexpected emergencies with the medical-grade gases you need.

Dental Practices

From nitrous oxide that keeps patients comfortable to CO2 for lasers and oxygen for emergencies, dental practices depend on a range of gases.

Veterinary Clinics

From surgical procedures to respiratory care, advanced veterinary offices use medical-grade gases to keep our furry friends healthy and happy.

Surgery Centers

We can supply both plumbed and portable medical-grade gas solutions for outpatient and inpatient surgery facilities.

Emergency Services

EMTs, fire departments and other emergency services personnel need portable, life-saving oxygen on hand.

Gourmet Food & Drink

From liquid-nitrogen ice cream to truly frozen cocktails, innovative chefs are using supercooled nitrogen gas to bring new flavors to Southern California.

More Than Just Oxygen

At CalOx, we offer all the gases that your business needs, including:

Medical Oxygen

Nitrogen Gas & Liquid Nitrogen

Nitrous Oxide

Carbon Dioxide

Compressed Air

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Delivered on Demand, or on Schedule

We make it easy to get the gases you need, when you need them. Call us to schedule a delivery when you’re ready, or set up an automatic subscription and let us make sure you never run low and never have to worry about scheduling deliveries.

Local Service Since 1936

We’ve been delivering medical gases to Los Angeles-area businesses since 1936. Today, we serve the entire greater Los Angeles area with dependable deliveries and service.

CalOx Inc.
3034 Fierro St
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(323) 255-5175

CalOx Health Services

Our health services division works directly with patients and their medical providers, delivering ventilation, mobility and patient-care supplies throughout the Los Angeles area.


Home Respiratory Care

  • Ventilation Equipment
  • Oxygen Therapy Systems
  • High-Flow Humidified Air
  • Airway Clearance Systems
  • Suction & Aerosol Equipment
  • Sleep Therapy Products

Durable Medical Equipment

  • Personal Mobility Products
  • Hospital Beds & Mattresses
  • Hospice Equipment

Contact CalOx Health Services: (323) 255-5175

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