About CalOx

Founded in 1936

CalOx has been providing medical-grade gases to Southern California hospitals, clinics, businesses and consumers for more than 80 years.

Today, the company has two divisions: CalOx Air Products, which distributes medical- and food-grade gases to small and medium-sized businesses; and CalOx Health Services, which provides home respiratory care and medical equipment to patients.

CalOx maintains a comprehensive gas delivery fleet, with qualified, certified and trained technicians who supply our business customers with the critical gases they need. We also employ licensed respiratory therapists to serve the needs of our homecare customers.

Together, our two divisions are proud to serve the needs of thousands of patients and hundreds of local businesses for medical- and food-grade gases.

CalOx Inc.
3034 Fierro St
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(323) 255-5175

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