The global push for renewable energy sources has led to remarkable advancements in offshore wind power. However, with the growth in offshore wind farms, there’s an increasing need to address the potential harmful effects of construction activities on local sea life, which can be highly sensitive to loud noises.

In response, energy and transportation expert Finning UK & Ireland has supplied 24 Cat® engines to a company called ScanTech Offshore, who have developed the first purpose-built compressed air delivery package. The package supports bubble curtains, which are commonly deployed to reduce noise pollution. The method can reduce underwater noise levels by up to 90%, significantly lifting the harmful impact construction may have on marine life.


But what impact does offshore wind construction have to begin with?

windmills in a body of water with sunset in the background

While most experts would agree that wind farm construction is necessary to support the transition to clean and renewable energy, it comes at a price. Construction involves the use of heavy machinery, pile driving, and other activities that can disturb the local wildlife. These disturbances have a negative ripple effect on delicate marine ecosystems.

For example, mammals such as dolphins and whales rely heavily on their sense of hearing for communication, navigation, and finding food. Excessive noise disrupts these essential activities, leading to disorientation, stress, and even hearing loss.


How Big Bubble Curtains and compressed air delivery can help

Bubbles in the ocean under water

You may be wondering how Big Bubble Curtains (BBCs) work to reduce noise in underwater environments. These curtains create a wall of bubbles around the construction area, acting as a sound barrier that absorbs and diffuses noise. While the concept is promising, BBCs require large volumes of compressed air to maintain the bubble wall effectively.

ScanTech Offshore’s solution lies in their unique compressed air delivery package, specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of BBC systems. This package provides a reliable and efficient supply of compressed air, ensuring that the bubble curtains are consistently effective.


A collaborative effort

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, it’s vital for companies to prioritize environmental responsibility. ScanTech Offshore’s collaboration with organizations like Finning underscores the importance of working together to develop and implement innovative technologies that reduce the environmental footprint of offshore wind farms.

“The expert support we received from the Finning team was brilliant,” Barry Craig of ScanTech Offshore said. “The ST3100 air compressors have already successfully supported and completed a foundation installation campaign in the US providing validation that the solution provides a high level of performance & reliability. Our clients have long awaited such a solution and can now realize the unique value proposition our package offers.”

As a longstanding provider of compressed air, CalOx fosters a strong commitment to environmental stewardship as well, and would be thrilled to support an initiative such as this. We are proud to provide the necessary resources and expertise to support the diverse compressed air needs of local businesses. Curious about what our products and services could do for you? Contact us today!